Turning Customer Insights
into Repeat Business

Create and deploy smart marketing applications on your store

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Your customer

  • Acivity on Site
  • Products viewed
  • Purchase History

ClearRise Engine

  • Purchase Intent
  • Site Engagement
  • Related Products

Intelligent Message

  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Turn New Customers into Repeat Buyers

Advanced Customer Targeting

  • Understand when your most important customers visit you and target them differently. Our deep learning module will segment customers in eleven different categories including VIP, Loyal, New, Promising, Potential Loyalist, Need Attention, At Risk, Lost and Critical Lost based on purchase history, frequency, recency and monetary value. You can target each segment differently.
  • Unlock behavioural data on anonymous visitors and amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and 1:1 engagement on various channels on-site, email, push notification, web retargeting. Identify shoppers based on location, real-time interactions, purchase intent and site engagement.
  • Know what your customers are browsing on different devices and personalise your promotions/ offering based on their taste and preferences. Create a holistic profile of shoppers taking cues from browsing behaviour and patterns.

Message Customisation

  • CR’s product affinity ranking engine will recommend products based on their probability of being bought by a specific customer. Target customers based on what they are likely to buy instead of mass, generic top product recommendations or similar products.
  • Use CR to power cross channel messaging. Communicate with your customers on different devices as well as different channels including on-site, web retargeting, browser push notifications and email. Know where your each customer is most responsive and target him on that channel.

Automated Optimisation

  • Optimise your marketing strategy by experimenting different marketing promotions by grouping customers in different segments whether its based on their recency, frequency of purchase or by referral site or on-site behavioural patterns.
  • CR messaging platform will allow you to optimise your mobile messaging. In app promotions and notification can be sent to customers with ease and in minutes.
  • Instead of sending messages to all customers at once, learn the most active time of individual customers and optimise sending marketing promotions when they are most likely to interact with it.
ClearRise apps are insanely relevant, multi-channel and real-time. From predictions to smart messaging, it is a must have for every store like me.

Caroline Nugent, BlueInc


ClearRise has two pricing models - fixed monthly subscription fee and revenue share. Contact us for discussing your requirements and choose the pricing option that is most relevant for you

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